Trashing It Waste Management

Certificate Number:SPND-0-279-383-881
Sole Proprietor Name:Sebastian De Nil
Identification:South African
Citizenship:South African
Income Tax Number:YES – with South African Revenue Service (SARS)
Trading/DBA/Defensive Name:Trashing It Waste Management
Defensive Name Ref.No.:1339967DN
Defensive Name Jurisdiction:South Africa
Defensive Name Original Date:06 August 2019
Defensive Name File No.:111862742
Defensive Name Renewal Date:06 August 2021
Defensive Name Reminder Set:06 June 2021
Purpose of Sole Proprietorship:business which handles the waste
and rubble from companies or private
users that will make use of mini skips
Business license/permit:N/A
Website address:N/A
Telephone number:079 495 6494
Trading Address:12 Thistle Street, Northmead,
Benoni, 1501, Gauteng
Entry date:7 August 2019