Suicide Survivors

Certificate Number: SPND-01-380-125
Sole Proprietor Name: Lorraine Mitchell
Identification: South African ID
Citizenship: South African
Income Tax Number: YES – with South African Revenue Service (SARS)
Trading/DBA/Defensive Name: Suicide Survivors
Defensive Name Ref.No.: 1336985DN
Defensive Name Jurisdiction: South Africa
Defensive Name Original Date: 01 September 2014
Defensive Name File No.: 110973344
Defensive Name Renewal Date: 01 September 2016
Defensive Name Reminder Set: 01 July 2016
Purpose of Sole Proprietorship: Helping to prevent suicide through creating awareness, encouraging dialogue and therapeutic interventions for persons struggling with suicidal ideation or grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide.
Business license/permit: N/A
Email address:
Website address:
Telephone number: 084 560 1003
Trading Address: 19 Sunglades, 8 John Ave, Bedford Park, 2007,
Gauteng, South Africa
Entry date: 13 September 2014