Certificate Number: SPND-0-279-714-796
  Sole Proprietor Name: Michelle Maud Lucey
  Identification: South Africa
  Citizenship: South Africa
  Income Tax Number: YES – with South African Revenue Service (SARS)
  Trading/DBA/Defensive Name: MICHELLE MAUD LUCEY
  Defensive Name Ref.No.: 1341803DN
  Defensive Name Jurisdiction: South Africa
  Defensive Name Original Date: 26 October 2023
  Defensive Name File No.: 112372533
  Defensive Name Renewal Date: 26 October 2025
  Defensive Name Reminder Set: 26 August 2025
  Purpose of Sole Proprietorship: To protect my name from being used by any organization, company, banks or institutions of any nature without my consent or knowledge
  Business license/permit: N/A
  Email address: roxshell@outlook.com
  Website address: N/A
  Telephone number: 0836569699
  Trading Address: 8 Impala lane, Glen Park, Pinetown, 3610, South Africa
  Entry date: 6 November 2023