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All businesses must have a name.

It’s better to register a business name to avoid duplication and confusion.

In the USA, the same business name can be registered in two or more of the 50 states, a federal trademark can register a name for the whole country, and common law prior-use can mitigate both.

In South Africa, if a registered company or close corporation carries the name of a common law business, the owner of that business may object, and the company or corporation may be compelled to change its name.

Over the last few years in South Africa there has been much discussion about the registration of business names.

Only recently has Limpopo Province legislated the registration of all businesses with local municipalities.

SPND, a private company, initiated the registration of Sole Proprietorships (including business names) in a Sole Proprietor National Database. This makes it easier for clients and service providers to verify sole proprietor business details.

Another endeavour is Conada (Companies National Database) which presents company/ corporation information for marketing and verification purposes.

BNReg registers your business name on a South African National Database, allowing for search and confirmation of your business name and basic details. This can be good for clients, marketing, creditors, banks and other third parties who interact with your business.