Kurland Preservation Services

Certificate Number: SPND-0-279-383-619
Sole Proprietor Name: Peter Nicolas Behr
Identification: South African
Citizenship: South African
Income Tax Number: YES – with South African Revenue Service (SARS)
Trading/DBA/Defensive Name: Kurland Preservation Services
Defensive Name Ref.No.: 1339678DN
Defensive Name Jurisdiction: South Africa
Defensive Name Original Date: 21 November 2018
Defensive Name File No.: 111769911
Defensive Name Renewal Date: 07 December 2020
Defensive Name Reminder Set: 07 October 2020
Purpose of Sole Proprietorship: CCA Treatment of Structural Timber and Pine Poles
Business license/permit: N/A
Email address: peter@kurland.co.za
Website address: N/A
Telephone number: 083 305 4646
Trading Address: Lot Solway 240, The Crags, 6602, South Africa
Entry date: 10 December 2018